You can book time on tel. +358 50 375 6705. Either via sms or contactform. Unfortunately I can’t answer the phone when I’m busy with my clients.
One treatment is 65 €

Price includes taxes 24%.

Please cancel at least 24 h in advance ,since there might be others wanting your time if you can´t come. Last minute cancellations cost the price of the treatment. You will receive a a treatment reminder latest 24 h in advance of you scheduled treatment so you can cancel if you need.

Classical massage:

Acupuncture and massage 1 h 65

Acupuncture and massage 1,5 h 90€

Massage 45 min 50€
Massage 60 min 65€
Massage 90 min 90€

Gift cards and a series of treatments:

10X acupuncture 650€
3X 60 minutes massage 195€
3X acupuncture and massage 195 €